See you later, not good bye.

It is with regret that we are announcing the closing of our Cary location. Cary was an endeavor of expansion that opened our eyes. It is STILL our goal to expand Right Track Academy in different areas of Wake county and the country. We believe in the philosophy that was created 10 years ago,  “building self-esteem through the arts.”  RTA’s product is great and we have seen over 6000 students and produced over 400 plays.

We will open the Cary location when the right combination of facility and staff is again available. I know that Cary will support us when that time comes. I am excited to announce that RTA Cary’s Ms. Ara will be moving over to our Raleigh location as a lead teacher. She has made a great impact on RTA, all of your families,  and will be a great addition to the Raleigh location.

See a note from Ms. Ara here:  Ara’sLetter2CaryParents

I know that driving from Cary to N. Raleigh can be a hassle, but as my wife reminds me “People will do what they want to do.”  If you are a Cary family that would like to continue your relationship with RTA,  we would love for you to make the drive!  We are willing to give you an incentive to make the trip.

Change is never comfortable and this was not an easy decision, but we know it was the RIGHT decision to make us a stronger company in the future.



DVD’s in the Cloud??

As most of ?????????our students and parents know we produce a DVD of all of our shows.  The are a great addition to the week of camp. This summer we are going to move into the 21st Century and stop burning discs.  As technology has progressed we have been stuck in 1995.  Beginning soon we are going to transition our DVD’s to a Cloud Server Video that you can download.  This will allow us to more quickly serve YOU.  Please be patient as we transition and let us know if you have any issues so that we can trouble shoot them ASAP.