Tweet, Like, Pin, follow – Am I missing anything?


I remember building my new top of the line 486 SX desk top computer.  Sitting in a chair waiting for the screen to say “insert Windows Disk 5 of 7 now” and I thought that I would never get behind,  I will ALWAYS be on the cutting edge.  I knew my DOS key commands and I could rule whatever the computer could throw at me.  INVINCIBLE!!!!  OOHHH was I mistaken.  How much memory was on that 3″ floppy, 5mb?   Now it is 20 years later and I am as ignorant as the next and my technological confidence is null and void.

Well all that said would you help?  Evidently Social Media is relevant and going to stay so would you Tweet, Follow, Pin, Like and add a Review to our pages?  We believe that everyone in Wake County needs to be apart of what we are doing and would love your help and kind gestures.


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